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Cancellation Returns and Refunds Policies

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Cancellation Returns and Refunds Policies

You may cancel the order you have placed in the last 7 days. We do not accept any cancellations for the order if the courier is out for delivery. If you cancel the order in the given time, we will not ask you for any reason for the cancellation or charge you any penalty.

To cancel your order, you must notify us by emailing us at info@msrrjewellery.com or telephoning us at +91 9004819561

Return Your Goods

If you do not get authentic documentation or a purity certificate of your item you placed an order.

The ordered product or item is mismatched with the products shown on the page.

In all circumstances, you must be sure that the product is not worn and that the tags are cleanly maintained. Any damage to the tags precludes a return or refund.

During the cancellation, you will get a return acceptance notification on your mobile and/or email address. Check online or ask us for the details at our contact number or email address. You must return individually through a reliable courier service. Unless we receive the product, a refund or replacement is not possible. 

If the product comes to us damaged or broken, the return will not be accepted. Once a return is accepted, we will pay you back as soon as possible but the maximum delay is only for 7 days.