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During the costly purchase of jewelry, you might have some questions. You may not have the time at hand to call us or want to know everything silently. Here, the most common questions of your mind have been presented.

If there is any other query, you can directly call us at +91 90048 19561.

1.   Ask yourself and find the answer “what do I want?”

A lot of people visit online stores and buy things that they did not require for the time being. Before you enter the online portal, you have to be determined, what you want. Choose the Jewelry item in your budget and purchase. If you have more budget, buy more but don’t miss your target.

2.   What is precious metal?

Usually, jewelry-making costly metal is platinum. Apart from platinum, gold, and rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold are costly. Platinum is used for preparing wedding diamond rings and other diamond-based jewelry.

3.   What are gemstones?

Sapphire, aquamarine, topaz, iolite, tourmaline, kunzite, etc. are gemstones. They are sometimes worn for beautifying ornamental jewelry. Some of them are used for good fortune advised by an astrologer.  

4.   What are diamonds?

Diamonds are bright and shiny, but they are the hardest stone in nature. It shines at night or in low-lighting conditions. It is a costly stone found in nature. A piece of diamond is clarified by 4c’s.

5.   What are the 4 C’s?

The 4Cs are color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. These 4 C’s are globally accepted standards for evaluating the excellence of a diamond. A diamond’s quality depends on a mixture of all four Cs.

6.   Can I get customized jewelry?

If you want customized jewelry for your special need, you can contact MSRR jewelry. We always prepare hallmark jewelry, which is the identity of quality and accuracy of gold. Besides we have special jewelry designers to provide all our customers with the best thing.

7.   Can you view Hallmark?

Yes, you can spot Hallmarks with your eyes. You will get 916 marked or stamped on the gold ornament. It is the symbol of purity. We are happy to show these marks to prove our genuine approaches to our customers.

8.   How do I clean and look after each piece of jewelry?

Usually, gold and platinum do not take rust. If the discoloration comes from the effect of dirt, dust, sweat, or the use of perfume, you have to clean it with a piece of a soft cloth. Then, keep it in the good box.

You can also follow the jewelry cleaning processes provided by us. If you call us, we can help you inform the cleaning process.

9.   Can I get replaced or redesigned it?

Replacement is under the terms and conditions. However, you can always redesign your jewelry with the product you have purchased. If it is made of gold with Hallmark, you have to pay only the making cost. Your total amount of gold will not be changed. You can do it any time after purchase.

10.Can I get lightweight jewelry?

Yes, you can. All our jewelry items are prepared with three segments: premium weight, medium weight, and lightweight. Hence, you can get your desired piece from our store. Nobody will understand whether it is made of low weight or heavyweight category.

11.How can I raise a complaint about my order?

You can send us an email, reach us via direct chat or call us any time. Call us at +91 90048 19561 to get immediate support.